Welcome to CR Ventures

CR Ventures is a global life-science investor with a focus on companies entering Phase I or II clinical trials. CR Ventures funds up to 10 clinical programs per year, utilizing a unique investment structure, with an annual capacity of up to US $ 50m in trial costs. CR Ventures offers biotech and medtech companies and their existing investors, more control, less total dilution, and faster results.

CR Ventures is backed by a top-tier clinical research organization, with over 200 Phase I to III trials completed for Pfizer, Novartis, Merck (American), GSK, Amgen, AstraZeneca, and others, and an excellent track record for rapid patient enrollment, high retention, and industry-leading success rates.

CR Ventures has offices in Boston, Frankfurt and Singapore, and invests world-wide. Companies seeking investment are invited to Start Here. Interested companies and co-investors may also contact us at contactus@cr-ventures.com.

Clinical Research Ventures, LLC
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